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Ideas for Cover the Handles in Fry Baskets

Published On April 14, 2019 | By penulis | IDEAS

Steel handles fry basket will get very hot when it came out in the fryer for any length of time. In most cases, a warm pad or large padded glove will be needed to grip the unprotected handle and remove the fry basket. Modern technology, however, has produced a product that will actually cover and insulate the fry basket handles. Use this unique product to cover and insulate the handles of the fry baskets successfully.

Commercial Deep Fryer Baskets

Commercial Deep Fryer Baskets

Ideas for cover the handles in fry baskets, put on a pair of latex gloves to keep the skin’s natural oils from fry basket handles. And then wipe down the handles with a soft cloth. Also, open the cover of the rubber dip with a screwdriver or paint can opener. Place the can on a flat surface.

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Pick up the basket and literally submerge the handles in the liquid rubber coating compound. Slowly and carefully dipping, until above the handle as you wish. Slowly pull the liquid rubber handles and place on the dry side overnight. Then for cover the handles in fry baskets, apply a second layer of additional protection in the same way as the first layer, after the first layer has dried completely.

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