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How to Clean Waste Basket

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Waste basket be one of the most smelly and bacteria-laden items inside or outside your home. This can be true especially during the summer months when hot temperatures escalate the decomposition of garbage within the vessels. Clean the trash bins outdoors by disinfecting them first and then scouring them with detergent. After a couple of hours of drying in the sun, they come back to almost new condition

Amazing Garbage Can

Amazing Garbage Can

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Empty waste basket of all debris and garbage. Direct spray of the tubing in the garbage can to rinse all internal surfaces with water. Empty trash can of accumulated water. Measure 2 copper bleach into the bucket. Add 1 liter of cold water and mix two liquids as well. Use gloves when disinfecting both the inside and outside of garbage can with bleach water. Apply the pale water with scrubbing brush; take your time to make sure you scrub each surface of the dustbin properly.

Rinse dustbin with hose and discard water. Do not drop water on all grass surfaces. Fill the bucket with warm water and add enough detergent to the water to do so with detergent. Use the same brush to scrub the inside and the outside of the waste basket. This removes bacteria and the strong bleach smell from the can. Rinse the rubbish bin with the hose again and drain the water (again not on any grass surfaces). Rinse the rubbish bin once and then tilt the rubbish bin over so that it is at a 45 degree angle. This allows excess water to drain from the jar. Leave this in about 30 minutes.

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