Soundproofing Curtain for a Threshold

Published On February 8, 2019 | By Thelma | ROOF

Soundproof curtains – Noise can be a problem for many people. No curtain can never be completely soundproof, but a thick curtain hung on the inside of a door can be effective to muffle background noise such as unmanned roads, and will also help block light. For maximum efficiency, the curtain must be constructed of three thick layers.

Awesome Soundproof Curtains

Awesome Soundproof Curtains

How to plan, for maximum efficiency, the soundproof curtains should hang high above the door with a generous overlap of both sides. If the threshold is located in the center of a wall, make a feature of the curtain so it is as high and as wide as possible. However, it must be remembered that the curtain will be very heavy and it can be difficult to establish if it is too high. One solution for this is to use special curtain rails that have a bar and handle to give more influence. If your entrance door is in a corner, there may not be enough space for a bulky curtain that you can pull your back against the wall.

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Top materials soundproof curtains, the curtain must be made of three layers of thick fabric. The top layer is visible, and should be made of a thick, decorative material, such as brocade, wool, twill, velvet or velvet. The intermediate layer is wool, which has excellent sound damping properties. The lower layer should be opaque linings, which is thicker than the ordinary curtain lining, as it has been treated with a rubber backing. Use the heavier gauge curtain title that can be found.

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