Get Closer Rothman Furniture in Home

Published On February 6, 2019 | By Thelma | DESIGN

One of the biggest mistakes made in the design is that the human size is not (sufficiently) taken into account. You mean? The size of the human body determines how the dimensions of rothman furniture, walls, etc. are experienced. Imagine the difference when you feel more comfortable: you are sitting in a room with a high ceiling or in a room with a “normal” ceiling. Exactly! With the normal ceiling. Why? Because the ceiling is more proportionate to your size.

How to Decorate Rothman Furniture

How to Decorate Rothman Furniture

You hang a painting on a wall in the living room at headroom while you usually watch the painting sitting! Distances from your eye to a piece of rothman furniture, ceiling, other person, etc. do not have a fixed size, these are emotional. If the distances are good, we will consider this pleasant / atmospheric.

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The human dimension in the rothman furniture setup means that the sitting distance between two people is approximately between 70 and 75 cm. The space between the bench and the table is on average 50 cm. If it is closer together, the distance between the people is perceived as being more oppressive or more intimate. If the distance is further apart, the ratio will also become somewhat more distant.

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