Basic Understanding of Bath Fitters System

Published On February 6, 2019 | By Thelma | FLOORING

What are the main differences between a bath fitters and a water softener? Which system is most important and necessary for my home? These are some of the questions that many people usually ask themselves when they are considering the water filter for a home. A basic understanding that the mechanics behind each system is very important to make a purchase decision knowing the difference between a filter and a water softener.

About Bath Fitters

About Bath Fitters

Bath fitters are any system that can filter and remove contaminants from water. They can include small systems for drinking water or large filters that treat the water throughout the house. Water softeners are a type of filter for the whole house that removes minerals that make the water hard, making it soft. Therefore, while we could say that a water softener is also a type of water filter for the whole house, the term “water filter” includes a much wider range of products that go beyond water softeners.

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Examples of other types of household filters include countercurrent carbon filters, filters to remove iron and sulfur, sediment filters and fluoride absorption filters, to name a few. Bath fitters use a wide variety of water purification technologies to treat their contamination. Beds made of advanced materials are used to remove contaminants from the water through an absorption process, ion exchange, micro-filtration, catalytic conversion and oxidation.

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